Friday, May 7, 2010


This day comes once a year, we text it, phone call it and often go to dinner to honor it, then Monday comes.. The lames come out from hiding and neglect their fatherly duties, the abusers are angry again and we forget the power of motherhood. To the lames, women once again become nothing more than objects of sexual pleasure. To real men as myself, your breath is honored, even if I don’t know you, my smile honors your hard day of work as you push that carriage, as you have a seat from an exhausting park run, as you step out front for air, I smile to honor your every breath. I breath as a great Dad who would not be so great without my Mom as much as my Dad.

I look back at pictures, at my mothers smile, looking at her amazing beauty. My mom walks with the grace of a Jamaican Queen. I remember the times of perfection, I give that and more to my son because of her.
This year lets not stop with Sunday, lets not hurt, lets not empower the deadbeats, lets not empower the abusers, lets not let the lames take advantage of our Queens. We talk a good one until Monday. Women hating on women, men using that to their advantage to sex weak women looking for love. The cycle continues and this is not what our Mother’s wanted, this is not what I want, this should NOT be what YOU want. Walk with me as we weaken the deadbeats, as we get rid of the abusers, as we love ourselves and love our mothers.

Her eyes have seen
Desperate acts surround her
She dashes for calm without lifting a foot
She gives that look
We know what’s next
We calm the flex for mom’s respect
Her love forever
The bad, the good she failed us never
Kissing her cheek forever
Loving women thru your education
Inspiring to touch nations
Walking to lead men to their destination
Because you taught me better

I have not seen
A sky so high
To defy her reach
Or events to strong
She couldn’t speak
A love so real
I couldn’t teach
I’m a better man
Dad made possible thru her tender hands
The catalyst for giving
Embedded every reason for living
Made me birth my man with thoughts of love
Your motherhood did this

When I was unspoken, denied words
You remained by my side
A mother’s love not unheard
When backs was turned
Your hand touched mine
Reminded me of a time
When I was no older then 9
I needed your hand
To be your little man
To be loved
Distance couldn’t take the place
You gave with grace
The wind blows
As the breeze gives serenity
So does your smile
Just the same as a spring day
Ice cream cones are pale
To the cheek touches from your finger tips
Mommy’s little boy


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! *tear*

PrincessJaiMo said...

This really touched me! An extraordinary tribute 2 mothers...job well always

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