Monday, November 23, 2009

Questions needed to be asked

Dear Sir,
I need some words on long distance love. I love a man whom I am separated from due to many miles but close to by technology. Any words on keeping this alive?
Thank you ahead of time.

MR. LOVER MAN SAYS: Dear Anonymous

The long distance relationship is at times the most challenging but when the moments arise of togetherness, they tend to be the most rewarding. I often use the term “If the rewards outweigh the costs then fight for him”. I firmly believe that love travels miles if love is real. You need to hear his voice hopefully once a day at least. Tell him how you feel as often as you can, speak to him through your technological means as if he was in your bed and you were whispering in his ear. Send gifts (something endearing and not expensive) know what makes him smile and be responsible for those smiles. These things leave a lasting impression and will hand deliver you your man. Talk about possibilities of locations when time is right; don’t be afraid to ask questions, expressing self verbally is important when distanced because that’s your main component, your technological connection. Use it to its fullest ability. The same way you surprise a man with wit, charm and passion when near, continue to do so through technology. It will work. Blessings to you both for a great forever relationship.

Mr. Lover Man,

I have a question; my woman is always spending time on the phone with her male friend. I been with her 8 months and never even met this “friend” and it is getting on my nerves because she goes out every weekend and I’m stuck home watching her daughter and have been watching her daughter for the last 6 months every weekend. I want to change things but she is always busy with her friends. Help me, tell me the truth, should I leave or try to fix it?


Male babysitter


Well Mr. Male Babysitter, (not sure I’m comfortable using that name) you are in a predicament that I have witnessed quite a few times. You are in a situation you may not want to leave because it does feel good to not be single but is it really healthy? Let’s go through the motions if you will, your first gripe mentioned is her male friend. It seems as if you have strong doubts about this “friendship” and it is as if you are implying there is some foul play going on. You may be right but you also may be wrong. I wonder why has it been 8 months and you haven’t met him. You should offer yourself to meet and express that you feel it’s important because you know how important her friend is to her. The truth usually comes out from there. As for her going out and leaving you to babysit her daughter for the last 6 months out of the 8 months you both have been dating sounds horrendous. Two major problems I have here is one, someone who abandons their child every weekend does not need to be a parent. Parenting is not a weekday/night job. It’s always and I have seen where parents (I’m being generous by even calling their loser asses parents) The fact that she runs out to do Lord knows what, every single weekend for the last 6 months and probably doesn’t know what her daughter likes to do on the weekend is disheartening. The other fact that after only 2 months of you guys dating, you were watching her daughter alone is disgusting (no offense to you buddy). How does someone leave their child with someone they dated 2 months alone every weekend? You have to weigh out the type of woman this is and ask yourself is this the punishment you want to put yourself through? You didn’t mention any good points and I think it’s important you weigh it out. Do not mislead yourself because you try to avoid hurt. Be honest with yourself and make a decision that benefits you as an individual. One must be happy with self in order to be happy with another.

To Mr Lover Man,

I love my man, I know he is a good man. The best man I ever met in my life. Here is the problem, sexually he does not please me and I am very sexual. I find myself ready to cheat because I have needs to. Is it bad if I am cheating just to be satisfied?

Sexually frustrated

MR. LOVER MAN SAYS: Dear Sexually Frustrated,

I think that this is not a lost case and before you go jumping on a random dick think of a few things here. First thing, you are not guaranteed the sexual God you want in the next random dick and could just be risking breaking a good man’s heart and bringing home an STD. I hope you have not already attempted this act, if so, please test yourself before you have sex with a good man. Second, you say that he is the best man you ever met, then why not converse about this sexual problem? You can tell him you wanted to try new things your friends spoke about, or you can tell him that you read somewhere that sex can be improved by…… and you fill in the blank. There are many ways to implement an answer for this problem without bringing another dick into your mouth or hurting a good guy’s feelings. Always communicate first, always.

Q: Mr. Lover Man,

I really like this guy so much I known him a very short time and he wants to marry me asap. What should I do? I really love him!


MR. LOVER MAN SAYS: Dear Tatiana,

Love does not have a time period; you have to take a moment to think if this is the man you can wake up to everyday and sleep with every night. Is this the man you can see forever with? How does he make you feel? These are important issues when considering forever. I don’t ever believe in the societal standard or norm for a relationship, that’s lame and does not ever give people individual chances. Love is undefined and only defined by people looking for something tangible to place to that forever feeling. Love is as powerful, something unmatched and if you love him as he loves you, take everything in consideration and make your decision. If you decide to marry him, I’ll take an invite to attend. LOL.

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Olive Rosehips said...

Dear MLM,
I applaud the way you informed the male Babysitter; realistic in a way that encourages him to take care of himself. Relationships that both comfort and frustrate sometimes suck us into clinging to the part that we need.
Like you, I was completely appauled by the so-called Mother in this scenario.
Keep up the great work.

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