Monday, November 16, 2009

Where am I going wrong?

Question 1: I am a very sexual person, but I am trying to find someone that will want me for more than just sex. What steps can I take to insure that I am not finding someone that just wants to have sex with me and leave? *Via Mindy
Mr. Lover Man says: First thing you must do is ask yourself “What role do I play in these people wanting me for sex?” You state you are a very sexual person, I’m not sure how well you display that and that alone could send the wrong message and attract a certain response that only entitles you the sexual attention and never allowing the sexual partner to want to and/or become privileged to see you are more than just sex. You have to package yourself and advertise yourself for the attention you want, if you truly want more than sex, than saying it has to go in alignment with showing it.

Question 2: I am a single parent and i have no luck what so ever in relationships. I am afraid to bring anyone around my daughter for fear of the relationship not working and my daughter getting caught up in the mix. *Via Anonymous
Mr. Lover Man says: This is a very common question, I tend to ask in return, and how responsible is it to introduce ones child to an adult one does not know well anyway? Give the chance of the person to show their colors then you make that determination if they are worthy of the honor of meeting your daughter.

Question 3: I have been hurt more times that I can think and as a female I have been told that I am afraid of intimacy and it is completely true. My ex has hurt me to the point that I am afraid to let anyone in and now I have a problem with even trying to get into anything that deals with intimacy any advice *Via Anonymous
Mr. Lover Man says: First thing, the fact that you are using your ex as a reference to your inability to move forward shows you are not completely done with that chapter. One must heal in total in order to give self a chance at true greatness in a relationship. Therapy is a great tool in these situations, ut, one must take heed that advice from fellow bitter broken hearts will be misleading to you and should be avoided. It is great to have a support system but avoid them bitter people who are NOT over their situation as well. Being heartbroken repeatedly does not make one an expert in relationships, it makes them a student who needs to be educated.

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