Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The time of year has come where it is time to acknowledge the hard work of the real men whom have not just created but made a powerful or most powerful impact in the lives of their child(ren). The men whom have not just defied odds but have done so in the media’s shadow of the lame Dad, of the run away dad, of the child support only dad. The wrong dads are being highlighted on your televisions and in your conversations. The real Dads quietly move forward with no glory in mind, no validation (although it would be nice) and no bitterness, we simply love our children as all Dads should.

I remember when my dad was dying, and he was a stubborn son a gun. His liver failed, it was at a stage where his time of survival was limited. My son Jayden was just born, a mere almost 4 months old and I knew what I had to do. It was time to save my dad. I donated 60% of my liver to save his life, a feat that was not viewed as the smartest move by some. Even the doctor whom was performing the surgery asked me privately “You sure you want to do this, you have a four month old baby”. My sons mom said “Please don’t do this, your dad lived his life”. Despite the words to deter me from doing the honorable thing, I never once doubted my commitment to my Dad. I could not fathom the thought of waking up knowing I let my dad die. Who can say they gave life to the man that gave them life? My dad and mom are married 39 yrs, together longer. I don’t know the runaway dad first hand, so I did NOT know how to be a run away son.

The surgery went wrong, I suffered damages by error of the hospital that are permanent and I live everyday with love, despite the tears, the pain, I remember my dad getting out the bed and walking over to where I was laying (I couldn’t move) hugging me and kissing me and telling me he loved me. That’s a Dad and son moment for the ages. My sister called me her hero, I was just doing what dads do.

I remember I couldn’t move my arms, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t feed myself for a period of months and went through a traumatic ordeal. The only times I was able to smile was seeing my son Jayden and seeing my Dad. It was like I was the middle of giving two lives to two great men. Both influence me greatly, its just that one is too young to actually know it.

I defied the odds, not just for me but because I have a son that needs me and that’s what dads do. I gave my dad 60% of my liver for many reasons, one was to teach my son the value of life and to show him that’s what dads do. I take pride in not running or ever having the thought. I take pride in being the greatest influence in my sons life despite what society wishes to view us as. I am honored and blessed every time Jayden runs to me as if not seeing me for years, even if it was 4 hours. I love loving him and him loving me. I am his protector, his friend, his hero, his soldier, his leader, his inspiration, the man he inspires most, but, most of all, I am his Dad.

So please honor the great men who have done and still do his job. Do not dwell on the negative as we do not empower the runners. We empower those worthy of power. We love all because all need love but we honor the honorable. Fathers Day is more than a hallmark card moment. Happy Fathers Day to all the real men that have loved like no other, that have sweated, cried, stood tall, that have walked with grace or dragged when they could barely walk, but yet still making their loving mark. Happy Fathers Day to the men who fight to be more than a child support check, who fight to make their child(ren)’s worlds a better place than their own, to the dads who despite the drama, never expose their children to it. The real dads who will never be less. I stand tall, I salute you from my heart, I hug your soul, I love you all… This is my ode to us. Happy Fathers Day to us.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Mr Lover you are a true hero. I pray that Jayden follows your footstps. This is the best gift to a Father. I wish you a happy fathers day and may your hard work dont go in vain.
By: Samu Ella

Steph said...

Beautiful story

Anonymous said...

This is a great post about a wonderful act by a terrific son and an inspired dad. I'm grateful you shred this, and I'm thinking of my Dad.

Karla Campos Lopez said...

Extremely inspiring post, may God bless you and your family. Happy father's day to my wonderful husband and to all the real men who love their families and take pride in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say once sgain you do your thing. To a great talented and gifted man. I love you and Happy Fathers Day to you and all Real Dads that get forgotted.

To all who read this I hope it helps you find your way and inspire you to betters thing, weither its stepping up to the plate and really being there for your kids of taking a stand for something you believe in!!!

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